It’s really real.

6 days into our plan….
We told the loin fruit. They took it rather well. Jordan (13) left and went to his best friends house. Justin. They decided Jordan would get a part time job and save for airfare to come back on breaks. Sounds good.

We are all incredibly excited. Its like Christmas! Brandon told his boss and put in his notice. Resumes are out.  One of the reasons this is falling into place so swimmingly is Brandon does the same thing my Dad (and Cindy) do. Hot tub sales.  So Dad is hooking us up with his connections out there, brandon’s flying out at the end of the month for a few interviews.

I’m now standing up on the surf board, the swell is formed. No going back.

We have the Epic Adventure all planned out. Tubing in the Shenandoah valley, Wisconsin to see Brandon’s dad & family. Arkansas,  to fish with my grandfather, santa fe (dunno what the hell to do there), and then to Phoenix,  Az to see my bestie, Megan, and her brand new baby Presley! Then a quick stop at the grand canyon. 4hrs later we will be at my Dad & Cindy’s (Dad’s awesome sauce girlfriend) house in Palm Springs, California! But I think it will be all the in between unplanned stuff that will be the real memories.

First we gotta sell all our shit! Pulling a trailer with the essentials.


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