So we have a new car. Why do we have this awesome new suv? For the 3rd row and tow hitch. Why the 3rd row & hitch? For our Epic Cross Country Adventure!

That’s right. I’m driving cross country from Virginia Beach, Va to San Diego,  Ca. With my husband, 3 sons and Chicken Nugget Flopasaurus Rex Kaminski, our beagle. So, just to clarify, its me and 5 dudes.

I feel like life is like being on a surf board, your body is the board and your spirit the rider, relaxed and happy just waiting for the next wave or idea or chapter, job, path, experience to start to form. I feel like right now I’ve swam back out, ready for another ride. A swell is forming, I’m laying on my board, paddling.  Moving forward slowly, rising the swell of energy of this new idea. I can tell its a big one. Will I ride it? Will it crest beautifully? Will I dig in left or right? Will it come crashing to an end or will I ride it smoothly to its finish and be ready to get out there and do it again?
Who cares. Lets ride.

If this seems sudden to you, its because it is.

It was our “10” year anniversary may 1st, 6 days ago. Let me explain those air quotes real quick…
We have been together 12 years and married 10. We have also been separated twice for a total of almost 2 years. If you only talk about time married, minus time separate,  that’s about 84% success rate…which is a solid B. Ill take it, and nobody likes an over achiever.
So, its our anniversary, we have been back together about 9 months, so it pretty special. Also, our first time to really talk.

I hadn’t been to work in about 2 weeks, I run (or used to) a production company with my business partner. …which is clearly coming to an end. But that’s a conversation for another time. So we spent most of the day talking about what we want to be when we grow up and what we really want in life, what’s my next move career wise, what are our goals as a family are…all that good stuff.
I threw out the idea of moving to California and becoming farmers and growing weed. After a good laugh, we kept talking about California…we shelved the pot growing empire for now 😉 and focused on the reality of moving. He conversation continues and was even brought up the next day…and the day after that…until ideas turned to reality in a matter of hours.
4 days later I was at my old work, a dealership I sold used cars for (yup, I used to be a used car salesman, among other things) trying to figure out what to do with two cars we have had for a lil over a year. The cool part of the story is I sold the GM my hot tub as my down payment. Ha.

So now we have a car, and a date. July 1st.


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