Dean Koontz is a Young Writer

I love this. Its true for any act, or art, or work or anything that keeps you in Flow. If you ask me, top 5 reasons for being here.

The Incompetent Writer

On Dean Koontz’s website, there is a page called Writing Q&A, answering questions from readers. 

One such reader asks: 

As a young writer, did you encounter rejection?–Allison, Pennsylvania

Koontz replies:

I sold the first short story I wrote. Then I received over 75 rejections before making another sale. My first four novels were never published. Later, after I’d been selling genre fiction routinely, I wrote a mainstream novel, ALL OTHER MEN. Editors sent me enthusiastic letters about it, said they loved it, but turned it down because they felt it was too disturbing and too avant garde to be commercial. But let me get to the heart of your question: young writer. There seems to be an implication here that I’m no longer young. I am as young now, Allison, as I have ever been, and not because of any form of dementia. I am young because my work keeps…

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