Sorry for shakin’ the shit out of your snow globe.

I keep wanting to say sorry to our roommate Jack for just coming along and shaking the fuck out of his snow globe.

Lets see here…Less than a year ago I moved into the house (my husband and I got back together…again. Thats a story we’ll get to later I’m sure, but I moved in quite suddenly) and by ‘I’ I mean me, a 2 bedroom townhouse, 3 kids (full time!) and a puppy. And now we just told him that we are leaving. Soon. We invited Uncle Jack to come with us but no go.

So, after hijacking back his best friend and 80% of the house, we are now leaving him homeless. Nice. So I haven’t found the right time to apologize yet.

The thing is, I’m not sorry.

I think its healthy to shake the fucking snow globe as many times as possible. I cant imagine a healthy life is to be bored and stagnant. Never learning or growing or experiencing places and people and love and all those things life has. Not that Jack doesn’t do those things, he absolutely does. He’s easy going and adventurous. I mean just in general.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, Jack, I didn’t seek out to disturb your life in a negative way, crack your globe, crash your wave or whatever. I hope you are not upset. I apologize if it did upset you. I value your friendship to our family. I just believe that this is a fantastic change and an opportunity for everyone.  I wish you great success and joy in new beginnings.


P.S.  I don’t really think that I’m in control either. Well suppose some, but not really. I feel like I’m just riding this wave….it Just happens to be a tidal wave.


I’m gonna miss creepin’ on ya. 🙂



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