About me


My name is Sarah Kaminski. I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  I have three lovely loin fruit. All male. They are currently 13, 9, & 6yrs old. I’m married to an awesome fella, and we also have our favorite child our Beagle, Chicken Nugget Flopasaurus-Rex Kaminski. He’s almost 1yrs old.

We decided on May 1st (few weeks ago) to move to San Diego, California. So all the way on the other side of the America.  So, I started this blog since I’m a storyteller/filmmaker and I walked away from my production company so I have nothing to create. Also, to keep my peeps informed (thanks for the encouragement Dawn)…and mostly because Lil Logan Bear (6yr old) said that we should make a 100 episode webshow about our trip. Thats all ya had to say lil buddy. I’m all over that shit. He’s totally my favorite.

This is my first blog…not sure how to even put pics/video up, or how to categorize/tag….but lets do this!

So keep up on our family’s shenanigans and follow us on Our Epic Adventure!

me and nuggles



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